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Kieran Overs Playing Bass

photo credit: Frank Nagy

Mark Miller of the Toronto Globe & Mail on Kieran with…

Kenny Barron:

“…Toronto bassist Kieran Overs was sitting in on behalf on Cecil McBee…Overs was very much in his element”

Barry Harris:

“…Harris and Overs, working together for the first time, were bouncing ideas off each other freely and on the fly.”

Jane Bunnett: (playing live at Sweet Basil, NY)

“…Overs and (Billy) Hart put such a rush on the music that the quintet sweeps right past all the pitfalls that might have come of this one-off matinee performance.”

Kieran Overs Quartet:

“The Overs quartet is a cohesive unit with a full, warm sound.”

Geoff Chapman of the Toronto Star on Kieran with…

Bill Charlap:

(filling in for two nights at the Top ‘O The Senator for regular bassist Peter Washington)
”…Overs and (Kenny) Washington were in obvious empathy, the three ran the gamut of interest from intriguing to spellbinding.”

Kieran Overs Nonet:

“…Kieran Overs’ band makes a solid and satisfying march into the future.”

Scott Yanow of Coda on Kieran with…

Kieran Overs Quintet Unity release, Shape Shift:

“From start to finish, the highly recommended Shape Shift keeps up with the momentum and tells a full story through its thoughtful improvisations and logical ensembles.”