For the Record


For the Record CD


Alex Dean: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Brian Dickinson: Piano
Ted Warren: Drums
Kieran Overs: Bass


  1. Hullo Bolinas (Steve Swallow)  10:19
  2. Virgin Madras (Geoff Keezer) 9:45
  3. Angelica (Duke Ellington) 10:32
  4. Bacchanal (Kenny Barron) 7:22
  5. The Night We Called It a Day (Dennis & Adair) 7:44)
  6. Willow (Steve Swallow) 6:51
  7. In Your Own Sweet Way (Dave Brubeck) 13:37
Kieran Overs

Kieran Overs


Recorded at Bravo Studio, Toronto, December 6, 1998
by Peter Lederer and Richard Powrie

Mixed at Inception Sound, Toronto, October  15, 2002
by Chad Irschick

Mastered at Inception Sound October 18, 2002
by Chas Irschick and Michael Haas

Producer: Kieran Overs
Executive Producer: Victor Page
Artwork and Layout: Matthew Page
Cover Photo: John R. Fowler