Shape Shift


Shape Shift


Kieran Overs: Bass
Pat LaBarbera: Tenor & Soprano Sax
Kirk MacDonald: Tenor Sax
Alex Dean: Tenor & Soprano Sax, Flute & Bass Clarinet
Nancy Walker: Piano
Brian Dickinson: Piano
Ted Quinlan: Guitar
Kevin Turcotte: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Jerry Fuller: Drums
Bob McLaren: Drums


  1. Mr. B.G. (Kieran Overs) 6:51
  2. Spirit Willing (Kieran Overs) 7:34
  3. Undercut (Brian Dickinson) 6:51
  4. 3/4 Nancy (Kieran Overs) 6:42
  5. Re: Person I Knew (Bill Evans) 7:09
  6. Shape Shift (Nancy Walker) 6:39
  7. Moon in Pisces (Kirk MacDonald) 5:30
  8. Lady with a Hat (Kieran Overs) 6:28
  9. There But for the Grace of… (Harold Mabern) 9:50


Producer: Kieran Overs

Production Assistant: Nancy Walker
Recording Engineer: Doug Doctor
Mastering: Peter Cook & Doug Doctor

Recorded December 21, 22 1992 & February 6 1993 at The Glen Gould Studio, C.B.C., Toronto

Photography: Elizabeth Feryn
Piano Tuning: Ludwig Plesko
Studio Manager: Tom Shipton
Graphic Design: Hambly & Woolley Inc.