As Sideman


Kirk MacDonald Jazz Orchestra - Deep Shadows
Kirk MacDonald Jazz Orchestra – “Deep Shadows” – ADDO Jazz Recordings 2011
Mikko Hilden Group
Mikko Hilden Group
“Nova Scotia”
ADDO Jazz Recordings 2011
Nancy Walker - Hieroglyphics
Nancy Walker
“New Hieroglyphics”
Independant 2011
Ted Quinlan - Streetscape
Ted Quinlan
ADDO Jazz Recordings 2009
George Blondheim George Blondheim
“Nine Live”
George Blondheim Music Inc. 2009
Sophie Milman Sophie Milman
“Take Love Easy”
2009, Linus
Sheila Jordan Winter Sunshine Sheila Jordan
“Winter Sunshine”
2009, Justin Time
Diane Nalini - Kiss Me Like That Diane Nalini
“Kiss Me Like That”
2009, Indie
Alex Ernewein Alex Ernewein
2008, Indie
Wallis/Shrofel Wallis/Shrofel Quartet
“Straigth To Plan B”
OUOD 2007
Sophie Milman - Make Someone Happy
Sophie Milman
“Make Someone Happy”
2007 Linus
Nancy Walker - Need Another
Nancy Walker Trio
“Need Another”
2007 Timely Manor
Daniel Barnes - Classic Beauties
Daniel Barnes
“Classic Beauties”
2007 Indie
Emilie-Claire Barlow - The Very Though of You
Emilie-Claire Barlow
“The Very Thought Of You”
2007 EMG
William Carn - Lessons Learned
William Carn Quintet
“Lessons Learned”
2007, Timely Manor
Barry Romberg - Big Giant Head
Barry Romberg (Random Access)
“Big Giant Head”
2007 Romhog
Emilie Claire-Barlow - Winter Wonderland
Emilie-Claire Barlow
“Winter Wonderland”
2006 EMG
Jane Bunnett - Radio Guantanamo
Jane Bunnett
“Radio Guantanamo”
2005 EM
Barry Romberg
Barry Romberg’s Random Access
“Part 3”
Romhog 2004
Paul Read - Heart of Summer
The Paul Read Quintet
“The Heart Of Summer”
2004 Indie
Barry Romberg - What Is This Thing
Lorne Lofsky/Barry Romberg
(Inside Out)
“What Is This Thing”
2004 Romhog Records
Maureen Kennedy - This Is Always
Maureen Kennedy
“This Is Always”
2004 Indie
Nancy Walker - When She Dreams
Nancy Walker
“When She Dreams”
2004 Justin Time
Jane Bunnett - Red Dragonfly
Jane Bunnett
“Red Dragonfly”
2004 Blue Note
William Carn William Carn
“Other Stories”
WC 2004
Moe Koffman - Live At The Science Centre
Moe Koffman Quintet
“Live At The Science Centre ’85”
2004 Jazz FM/91 Records
Patricia O'Callaghan - Naked Beauty
Patricia O’Callaghan
“Naked Beauty”
2004 EMI Int’l
Nancy Walker - Levitation
Nancy Walker
2003 U/P
Jane Bunnett - Spirituals and Dedications
Jane Bunnett
“Spirituals and Dedications”
2002 Justin Time
Norman Marshall-Villeneuve - Jazz Message
Norman Marshall-Villeneuve
“Jazz Message”
2002 Indie
Geordie MacDonald - Inside the Outside
Geordie MacDonald
“Inside The Outside”
2002 Sonavista Records
Theresa Tova
Theresa Tova
“Live At The Top ‘O The Senator”
2002 Indie
Bernie Senensky Trio - The Chalet Sessions
Bernie Senesky Trio
“The Chalet Sessions”
2001 U/P
Nancy Walker - Luminosity
Nancy Walker
2000 U/P
Tony Genges - Blues Walk
Tony Genge
“Blues Walk”
2000 U/P
John Stetch - Green Grove
John Stetch”
Green Grove”
1999 Justin Time
Tony Quarrington - One Bright Morning
Tony Quarrington
“One Bright Morning”
1999 Ragged Pup Records
Marc Jordan - This is How Men Cry
Marc Jordan
“This Is How Men Cry”
1999 Blue Note
Geordie MacDonald - Bridge to Everywhere
Geordie MacDonald
“Bridge To Everywhere”
1999 Sonavista
Ted Quinlan - As If
Ted Quinlan
“As If”
1997 U/P
Jaqueline Johnson - Song in Blue
Jaqueline Johnson
“Song In Blue”
1997 Indie
Alex Dean - The Power of Beauty
Alex Dean
“The Power Of Beauty”
1997 Radioland
Nancy Walker - Invitation
Nancy Walker
1997 U/P
Marilyn Lerner - Birds are Returning
Marilyn Lerner
“Birds Are Returning”
1996 Jazz Focus
Brian Dickinson - Live at the Senator
Brian Dickinson
“Live At The Senator”
1996 Jazz Inspiration
Ken Skinner - Jazz Mongers
Ken Skinner
“The Jazzmongers”
1995 Village Jazz Records
Jane Bunnett - The Water is Wide
Jane Bunnett
“The Water Is Wide”
1994 Denon
Rudy Smith - Live in Toronto
Rudy Smith
“Live In Toronto”
1994 Indie
Jacek Kochan - Tomorrow's Dreams
Jacek Kochan
“Tomorrow’s Dreams”
1994 U/P
Michael Occipinti - Who Meets Who?
Michael Occipinti
“Who Meets Who?”
1994 Auracle
Brian Dickinson - Brian Dickinson
Brian Dickinson
“Brian Dickinson”
1994 Jazz Inspiration
Alex Dean - Kaitlyn's Waltz
Alex Dean
“Kaitlyn’s Waltz”
1993 U/P
Jane Bunnett - Spirits of Havana
Jane Bunnett
“Spirits Of Havana”
1992 Denon
Harold Mabern - Philadelphia Bound
Harold Mabern
“Philadelphia Bound”
1992 Sackville
Lorne Lofsky - Lorne Lofsky
Lorne Lofsky
“Lorne Lofsky”
1992 Jazz Inspiration
Steve Holt - Just Duet
Steve Holt
“Just Duet”
1992 Sackville
Junior Mance - Here 'Tis
Junoir Mance
“Here ‘Tis”
1992 Sackville
Jane Bunnett - Live at Sweet Basil
Jane Bunnett
“Live At Sweet Basil”
1992 Denon
Bernie Senensky - Fun and Games
Bernie Senensky
“Fun and Games”
1990 Unity
Alex Dean - Both Feet
Alex Dean
“Both Feet”
1990 Unity
Malcolm McNeil - I'm Shadowing You
Malcolm McNeil
“I’m Shadowing You”
1989 Emi Toshiba
Moe Koffman/Dizzie Gillespie - Oop-Pop-A-Da
Moe Koffman/Dizzy Gillespie
1988 Duke Street
Bernie Senesky - Friday the 14th
Bernie Senensky
“Friday The 14th”
1988 Unity
Moe Koffman - Moe-Mentum
Moe Koffman
1988 Duke Street
Brian Dickinson - October 13th
Brian Dickinson
“October 13th”
1987 Unity
Moe Koffman - One Mo Time
Moe Koffman
“One Moe Time”
1986 Duke Street
Riki Turofsky - Riki Turofsky Sings Kurt Weill
Riki Turofsky
“Riki Turofsky Sings Kurt Weill”
1986 Fanfare Records
Alex Dean - Dreamsville
Alex Dean
1985 Justin Time
Lorne Lofsky - It Could Happen To You
Lorne Lofsky
“It Could Happen To You”
1981 Pablo Today